Update Highlights for Body13 DL and New Head

Nov 23, 2022

The new head Lori and new body 13 DL are released.

1. Skull upgrade: Built-in skull upgrade, resistant to falling and durable

2. Facial makeup upgrade: a full range of makeup upgrades, three-dimensional sensory static visual effects, a new visual experience, and the ultimate beauty

3. Hands and feet bone upgrade: deeper changes to hands and feet.
  ❤Real-life remodeling: built with real hands and feet, we hired more than 30 professional-level real-life hands and feet models, exported real data models of all their hands and feet with new printing technology, and then carved out their hands and feet with traditional inversion technology. The shape of silica gel is used for multi-bit data comparison, as well as the detailed layer texture of the overall hands and feet, etc

  ❤Full body painting upgrade: including knees, chest, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, every part of the body, every inch of texture details. All new production. Realistic painting. We pursue the most delicate skin detail painting, brand-new detail realism, and ultra-realistic skin texture. The new paint more realistically presents the skin's tiny pores, fine lines, blue veins, capillaries, palm lines, and foot lines. And it is more wear-resistant, the painting will last longer, and the doll's life will also increase.

Gynoid Doll RZR|Realistic Silicone Sex Doll|Doll's hands and feet|simulation model|detail picture

4. New eyeball: the world's leading 3D eyeball printing technology.

Gynoid Doll RZR|Realistic Silicone Sex Doll|3D modeling eye ball|simulation model|detail picture|3D print

Gynoid Doll RZR|Realistic Silicone Sex Doll|3D modeling eye ball|simulation model|detail picture|3D print


1) The DL-level body will gradually be applied to all model bodies.
2) Body13 DL is the same size as body13, but it is stiffer than the previous body.
3) Body13 DL has only the default skeleton and firm feet options for the time being.
4) Eyeballs and skin tones are only available in default models. 

    For now only the default skintone, while two or three skintones will be released later. 

    3D eyes will be adopted for all on-sale doll heads, except model 18 Arina. Because it's too big for Arina.

5) New upgraded facial makeup for all on-sales doll heads.

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