Maintenance Tips For Your Sex Doll

Dec 8, 2022

Why I should clean my sex doll?

Even if you wear a condom during sex, it may also spread a small amount of fluid. Even daily touching, kissing saliva, and sweat contact will gradually age the doll's skin. If your doll is not cleaned, it will become a silicone petri dish for germs.

Clean your doll regularly and keep it away from germs. Any chafing-related damage caused by the doll's skin not being clean enough can be eliminated.

We believe it's an essential skill to be a proud owner of high quality, affordable sex dolls.

What Cleaning Material Should I Use To Clean My Sex Doll?

 ● Antibacterial Soap(sulfate-free soap or mild liquid soap)
 ● Water
 ● Talcum Powder(baby powder)
 ● Powder Brush
 ● Soft Cloth(microfibre is ideal) or Sponge
 ● A second SponGe Cut Up Into Smaller Swabs
 ● Dry Soft Towel Or Chamois Cloth
 ● Mild Shampoo and Conditioner
 ● Vaginal Irrigator
 ● Soft Clothes That Are Lint Free
 ● Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly
 ● Fingernail Glue
 ● Spray bottle

How Often Should I Clean My Sex Doll?

Moderate cleaning will prolong the service life of the doll.

Please clean your doll before use after receiving it out of the box, it can remove factory residue.

If the doll will be stored for a long time and is not far away from dust, please take it out and clean it once a month.

After sex, clean key areas individually.

But don't over-clean, it will degrade the material and fade the painting.

Standard Maintenance

If necessary, apply a very small amount of petrolatum jelly to high-stress areas such as knees, groin, and openings.

Apply talcum powder to your doll before storing it for a long time.

Do not use alcohol or silicone-based products, such as those found in lubricants, wipes, and perfume.

How Do I Clean My Sex Doll Body?

This is a process of developing feelings and deep communication with your sex doll.

Body cleaning

Remove the vaginal insert, and remove the wig and head to clean separately. Inserts can be rinsed in warm water with an antibacterial soap in the sink and allowed to air dry thoroughly.

Put the doll on the towel on the bed, and use a spray bottle filled with soap and water mixed 1:5 and a sponge to gently massage the doll's skin to wipe it clean.

If you're confident enough to bear the doll's weight, use a shower or bath and gently scrub your doll with a soft cloth(microfibre is ideal) or sponge and antibacterial soap. Do not let the neck and head get too wet, this will cause the screws at the neck joint to rust. Use a pressing technique when scrubbing, to protect the body painting, do not apply too much pressure.

Spot cleaning

A small spray bottle is great for spot cleaning. Mix soapy water 1:5. Spray on dirty areas, massage gently with a sponge and a soft cloth(microfibre is ideal) clean.

How Do I Clean My Doll Holes?

It is necessary to clean after each use, which means that there will be no residual liquid in the doll hole, avoiding the breeding of bacteria and protecting your health.

To clean any hole, first, use the vaginal douche to spray into the hole and let the water run out of the hole. If you don't have a vaginal irrigator, you can use a shower hose or a syringe without a needle, but be careful to be gentle.

Leave the doll's legs slightly open to expose the vagina and anus to the air, and don't spread the doll's legs too far apart as this can cause damage over time. Add antibacterial soap (sulfate-free soap or mild liquid soap) to the vaginal irrigator, rinse off the body fluid in the doll hole, and repeat the rinse 2-3 times.

Add warm water to the vaginal douche and rinse again. After making sure there is no bodily fluid in the doll hole, use Sponge Cut Up Into Smaller Swabs to dry the inside and outside of the doll hole without getting the doll wet.

After cleaning and drying, apply a small amount of vaseline/petroleum jelly to the hole. Do not use any harsh chemical cleaners.

How To Wash My Doll's Face?

Remove the doll's head from the body, and remove the wig. If it's not too dirty, just use Soft Cloth (microfibre is ideal) or Sponge dipped in warm antibacterial soapy water and wipe gently. Do not put the whole head in the water. After cleaning, let it dry naturally and reinstall it on the body.


1. A special silicone paint makeup used for dolls before shipment from the factory, which generally will not fall off, but improper handling may cause makeup fading, please do it gently the cleaning, otherwise, eyelashes, pubic hair loss, and discoloration, because it difficult to repair, once colored faded.

2. Do not damage the eyes and eyelashes, avoid wetting these areas. Once the eyelashes and pubic hair fall off and become discolored, it is difficult to repair.

3. You can use cosmetics to do makeup by yourself, but please choose cosmetics with low viscosity and low oiliness. Or else it may cause difficulty in cleaning.

How Do I Clean My Sex Doll's WIG?

Gynoid Doll RZR|Realistic Silicone Sex Doll|Doll's hands and feet|simulation model|clean WIG|sex doll care instructions

If it's not a mess, your doll's hair doesn't need to be washed very often. Generally, mild shampoo and conditioner can have good results.

Remove the wig from the doll's head, comb the wig first, and then clean from the ends of the hair. Wet your hair in the sink, but don't put your whole head in the sink.

Pour cold water into a basin and add a fingernail-sized amount of Mild Shampoo, if you use hot water, you will most likely lose your curls.

Submerge the wig in the water and agitate gently, soaking for about 5 minutes.

Rinse gently with water from the top of the wig until the water runs clear and free of air bubbles.

Detangle your hair straight after cleaning and let the wig air dry on a wig stand. Curls will bounce back naturally.

1. Do not let the wig dry on the doll's head.

2. Do not use hair products to style the hair, it will damage the doll's skin.

Things To Avoid While Cleaning

Please do not do these things, or it will seriously damage your doll.

1. Not cleaning in time: If bacteria grow and multiply, your doll is no longer safe and no level of cleaning will make her safe again.

2. Submerge the entire doll, especially the one with the electronic components(sound makers) in the water.

3. Use whatever oil is based in or on your doll.

4. Use cleansers that can react with silicone or TPE skin, eg: baby wipes, and hair styling products.

5. Use a hair dryer to dry your doll, or place it near an open flame or radiator to dry, which can damage the doll's skin.

6. Use a stiff sponge or wire brush.

7. Use perfume, they contain alcohol and are very drying. If you want, you can spray perfume on the outer surface of the wig or clothes.

8. Putting too much pressure on the skin or bones.

9. Put it in direct sunlight, not away from chemicals, the doll's skin will be damaged, or the paint fade.

How Do I Dry My Doll After Cleaning?

It is important to keep the doll dry frequently.

To dry the doll, you need to gently pat the doll with a dry soft towel or chamois cloth when it is wet, please don't be too hard, the remaining moisture will air dry naturally.

After drying off most of the water, let the doll's legs open slightly, so that the vagina and anus are exposed to the air, and let it dry naturally. Once completely dry, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the hole.

Let the doll rest for an hour to dry completely. After that, apply talcum powder evenly on the doll, which prevents the skin from sticking and gives off a scent.

Choice Of Doll Clothes

Please check the color fastness of new clothes. After purchasing dark-colored clothes, soak them in the basin repeatedly until the water is clear and the dye is no longer flowing.

Choose soft clothes that are lint-free based on your doll's body size.

Using, Moving, and Storing My Sex Doll


When using the doll, support the doll properly. Don't drag her at her weakest point, such as her elbows or neck. Otherwise, she could be dislocated.. Don't be too rough in your daily sex life either. Do not hit or twist hard.


If you need to move the doll, pack her flat in the crate, fully wrapped in a blanket. This may prevent damage from accidental rough handling while moving. Do not lift the doll by limbs or head, always hold the body.


Our hyper-realistic dolls are made of platinum silicone, have no odor, non-toxic. It is known that silicone products, after a long time of storing may have oil on their surface, due to silicone oil inside raw materials, which is a normal phenomenon. Please wipe gently with talcum powder. In addition, as dust and stains will adhere to the surface of the doll during using, moving, and storing, to maintain the good performance of silicone skin and000 the cleanliness of the silicone surface, please do maintenance whthin a period time, the time intervals vary depending on the conditions of use and the environment in which they are stored. Please wipe them gently with talcum powder each time before use, or clean your dolls every half month, it has to store it for a long time.

If doll joints remained at a highly curved level for a long time, may result in wrinkles on the surface of the doll, because of the improper posture and the long time forcefully pressed the doll surface. For example, maintaining the flexion of knuckles for a long time, the inside may be extruded some irregular textures, so please restore each joint to an unstressed position after a display or use, such as lying down or choosing a relaxed posture.

Some people choose to keep their dolls outside, while others place their dolls in a special close-and-lock doll storage box, and still, others place their dolls on special doll hangers with holes in the back to keep the dolls secure hanging on a hanger.

Do not store the doll with clothes on all the time, the dark dye will seep into the doll's skin and cause the doll to become stained. Underwear or other clothing that is too tight can also cause creasing to the doll, and she will no longer be perfect. Keep her away from near items that may transfer color and stains.

How To Replace The Fingernails?

Gynoid Doll RZR|Realistic Silicone Sex Doll|Doll's hands and feet|simulation model|manicure|doll's fingernails

Put the doll in a stable posture, align the newly purchased nails with the bare nails, and compare the nails that fit the doll's fingers.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the bare nail area, making sure the area is clean and dry, free of dirt and talcum powder. An appropriate amount of glue, do not overflow the nail area.

After alignment, press the nail for 5 seconds, if there is glue spilled, please wipe it off immediately.

If removing a nail, use the tweezers to grab the nail and pull it toward you gently.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form hereWe will do our best to answer any of your questions and help with any queries you may have.

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