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Customer Reviews (3)

  • A1: Other Head + 19DL Body
    US$ 4399.00
    The product is exactly like the picture, if not even better. The level of detail in their products is mind-blowing (texture, painting details, smell, etc.), especially this newest model. It might be slightly more expensive than other products out there, but their product smells naturally and only produces a negligible amount of oil, so it is really easy to clean. You will not regret the purchase.
  • Replacement Vagina Insert
    US$ 60.00
    So this order was just for two 14-11 inserts. I will tell you that the texture is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!. Besides that, the inserts are for my Model 11 with Laura. She is one of my favorite dolls. Her stunning good looks and realism are unmatched. Gynoid dolls are amazing!
  • W****n
    Perfect face,perfect body,perfect detail,she worth every penny!highly recommended!Gynoid tech did a fantastic job!
    Service:Thank you for your support, we will try our best to do better.❤❤❤